Doe v. Alger

Representing student challenge to college sexual misconduct procedures.

Status: Victory.

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Doe v. Department of Health and Human Services

Successfully challenged the unconstitutional exclusion of “Michelle Doe,” a sixteen year old high school girl, from a “minorities-only” summer study program solely because of her race.  The program was funded in part by the National Institute of Health and Texas A&M University.

The case settled prior to trial for damages and

Status: Victory

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DynaLantic Corp. v. Department of Defense

C CIR successfully represented a small Long Island company whose ability to compete (and even stay in business) was hobbled by the federal government's extensive use of race preferences in awarding government contracts.

Status: Settled on terms favorable to CIR's client

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Fisher v. University of Texas

CIR’s History Litigating the Issues

The Center for Individual Rights has a long history with the facts at issue in Fisher v. University of Texas. The Fisher litigation grew out of CIR’s earlier case, Hopwood v. Texas, in which CIR succeeded in eliminating the use of racial preferences at the school.

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Florida v. HHS

CIR filed amicus briefs in case challenging individual mandate portion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, more popularly known as "ObamaCare".

Status: Loss. Supreme Court upheld the ACA under Congress's taxing authority.

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Frank v. Gaos

The rules governing class action litigation are often fundamentally unfair to the plaintiffs. The rules tend to favor awarding settlement funds to attorneys and third parties at the expense of the actual plaintiffs who were injured in the case. A prime example of this is the recent settlement in Gaos

Status: Remanded and Dismissed

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Fraternal Order of Police v. Montgomery County, Maryland

Status: Pending before Court of Appeals of Maryland

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Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association et al.

CIR is representing ten California teachers and the Christian Educators Association International in a landmark effort to re-establish the right of individual teachers and other public employees to decide for themselves whether to join and support a union.

Status: Tied by an equally divided Supreme Court.

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Gee v. Humphries

Challenged state college’s suspension and termination of Gerald Gee, a white professor who was said to have “harassed” students at historically black Florida A&M University. Prof. Gee told the students to make their own opportunities and avoid “what some would call a ‘nigger mentality’—the sort of thinking that can keep

Status: Loss

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Gerawan Farming v. ALRB

Representing California agricultural worker in Supreme Court challenge of California law that imposes labor contract on unwilling employees

Status: Certiorari Denied

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