Case Status: Loss

Barke v. Banks: Who are the Plaintiffs?

Jeffrey Barke, MD
Jeffrey Barke has a long history of public service. In 2019, he was appointed as a Director of the Rossmoor Community Service District. And for twelve years before that, he served as an elected member of the Los Alamitos Unified School District Board of Education. Outside of public service, Barke works as a primary care physician and volunteers as a reserve deputy for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. He resides in Rossmoor with his wife of thirty years. They have two children.

Rodger Dohm
Rodger Dohm has served for 13 years on the Board of Education of the Ramona Unified School District in Ramona, California. For 23 years, he has served as an educator and innovator in local schools. He is the father of five children who have attended school in the Ramona school district, and he was inspired to run for School Board because he cares deeply about the education we pass on to the next generation. On the School Board, he has advocated for more local control, fiscal responsibility, and community accountability.

Ed Sachs
Ed Sachs has had a distinguished career of public service. He has served on the Mission Viejo City Council for the last five years. He was first elected in 2014 and reelected in 2018. He is President of the Orange County Board of Directors to the League of California Cities and serves as a member on the statewide committee for Governance, Transparency and Labor Relation Policy Committee. He is the father of two grown children. Prior to his career in public service, Sachs worked in consumer electronics for 35 years, retiring in 2009.

Laura Ferguson
Laura Ferguson is the Mayor Pro Tem of the City of San Clemente. A native of southern California, she has long been involved in advocating for the people of San Clemente. She organized the Talega Residents for Fair Taxation to remedy millions in excess taxation of Mello-Roos taxpayers and challenged tax increases that would affect all San Clemente residents. Ferguson is a mother of two teenage sons. Prior to her career in municipal government, Ferguson worked in the health care and medical manufacturing industry.

Jim Reardon
Jim Reardon has served as a trustee of the Capistrano Unified School District for seven years. He was first elected in 2012 and reelected in 2016. In his political campaigns, he has been a vocal critic of controversial union positions. Reardon is also a Founder and member of the board of New Vista School, a non-profit serving students in grades 6-12 with autism. Outside of public service, Reardon has worked for Concept Development, a division of One Stop Motions, Inc., as President, since 1988.

Phillip Yarbrough
Phillip Yarbrough has served on the Rancho Santiago Community College District Board of Trustees for 22 years. He currently serves as the Board’s President. Prior to becoming a trustee, Yarbrough taught economics courses in the evenings at both of the district’s colleges, Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College. Born in Anaheim and raised in Orange County, Yarbrough is the third generation of his family to live in Orange County.

Leighton Anderson
Leighton Anderson has been a trustee of the Whittier Unified High School District for 22 years. He has long been closely involved with Whittier schools. Anderson’s three grown children, attended high schools in the Whittier Unified High School District, and his wife volunteers at one of the high schools within the district. Anderson is a practicing attorney. He has served as a Delegate to the California School Boards Association since 2000, and he has used his legal expertise to serve the Steering Committee of the Association’s Education Legal Alliance since 2013.