Boulahanis v. Board of Regents, Illinois State University

Appealed appellate court decision upholding elimination of Illinois State men's athletic teams to achieve identical rates of participation and spending on men's and women's teams, regardless of interest levels.

Status: Loss. Petition for Writ of Certiorari denied on June 29, 2000.

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Cocina Cultura LLC v. State of Oregon et al.


IR has filed suit against the State of Oregon, Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services, and two Oregon non-profits, which established a coronavirus relief fund that exclusively provides federal grant money to black applicants, in violation of the Constitution and federal anti-discrimination law.  We are representing Maria Garcia, owner of the

Status: Pending

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Doe v. Department of Health and Human Services

Successfully challenged the unconstitutional exclusion of “Michelle Doe,” a sixteen year old high school girl, from a “minorities-only” summer study program solely because of her race.  The program was funded in part by the National Institute of Health and Texas A&M University.

The case settled prior to trial for damages and

Status: Victory

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Gratz v. Bollinger; Grutter v. Bollinger

General information page about CIR's two lawsuits challenging racial preferences at the University of Michigan

Status: Partial Win: The Supreme Court struck down the UM undergraduate admissions system but upheld the law school system.

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Hopwood v. Texas

CIR’s Historic Fifth Circuit Victory

In 1996, CIR won a historic victory in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals case Hopwood v. Texas. The Fifth Circuit ruling barred all use of racial preferences in university admissions in the states under that court’s jurisdiction. Since the Supreme Court declined to hear the case, our

Status: Victory, later modified in Grutter v. Bollinger

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Lamprecht v. Federal Communications Commission

Following unsuccessful petition for review challenging FCC regulations requiring the auctioning of contested radio licenses, in case where FCC had already been found to have engaged in unconstitutional gender discrimination, case remanded to FCC for further proceedings.


Status: Victory before D.C. Circuit, case settled on remand.

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Maitland v. University of Minnesota

Challenged 1989 consent decree whereby the University of Minnesota agreed to distribute $3 million to female faculty members to remedy alleged gender disparities in salary.

Read an interview with Professor Maitland

Status: Settled. University of Minnesota agreed to abolish female-only pay raises and distribute salary equitably.

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Miami University Wrestling Club v. Miami University of Ohio

Challenged elimination of men's athletic teams to achieve parity in participation and spending on men's and women's teams.

Status: Loss. U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit affirmed district court ruling granting defendants' motion for summary judgement.

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Ng v. New York City Dept. of Education

CIR challenges race-exclusive program

On November 19, 2007, the Center for Individual Rights filed a class action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, challenging the New York City Department of Education ’s policy of excluding Asian American and white students from a test preparation

Status: Victory: case settled on favorable terms

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Operation King’s Dream v. Ward Connerly

The Center for Individual Rights represented the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) against a last-minute effort by opponents to keep it off the November 2006 ballot by challenging its legality under the federal Voting Rights Act.

Status: Victory

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