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New York Officials Silence Public Employees

The age of online shaming and political correctness isn’t going away. Many people have been “de-platformed” from social media sites, kicked off college campuses, and fired from their jobs for speech. Some of these victims of public shaming are public figures and professional provocateurs. But many are average everyday citizens who were singled out in order to make an example out of them—just like Sal Davi.

Davi was a public employee who was punished by the state of New York for expressing an opinion about welfare reform.  State governments are bound by the First Amendment and thus cannot suppress the private speech based of their employees based solely on the point of view expressed. CIR is representing Davi in a case designed to set a clear precedent that affirms the free speech rights of public employees.

CIR’s Brian Miller wrote about Davi’s case here.

Photo: “United States Courthouse – Eastern District of New York 2” by ajay_suresh licensed under CC BY 2.0.