Burgess v. Cahall

Successfully defended a company official against charges of sexual harassment. Challenging 1994 Violence Against Women Act as unconstitutional.

Status: Victory. After CIR's victory in U.S. v. Morrision, complaint dismissed on July 18, 2000.

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Community Financial Serv. Assoc. of America v. FDIC

CIR is representing William Isaac in amicus filing challenging Obama Operation Choke Point

Status: Settled on Favorable Terms

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Davi v. Roberts

Since 2010, Davi has served as a Hearing Officer and an Administrative Law Judge in New York State’s Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. In this role, Davi hears the appeals of those who are initially denied eligibility for New York’s public assistance programs and then makes recommendations to his

Status: Summary Judgment Granted, Further Proceedings Pending

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Doe v. Department of Health and Human Services

Successfully challenged the unconstitutional exclusion of “Michelle Doe,” a sixteen year old high school girl, from a “minorities-only” summer study program solely because of her race.  The program was funded in part by the National Institute of Health and Texas A&M University.

The case settled prior to trial for damages and

Status: Victory

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DynaLantic Corp. v. Department of Defense

C CIR successfully represented a small Long Island company whose ability to compete (and even stay in business) was hobbled by the federal government's extensive use of race preferences in awarding government contracts.

Status: Settled on terms favorable to CIR's client

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Hendrickson v. U.S.; Hart v. U.S.

CIR victorious in show-down with IRS

After a year-long fight with the IRS over the right of private citizens to publish a book critical of the government, CIR has successfully halted another effort by a government regulatory agency to suppress protected speech. The Department of

Status: Victory: All IRS subpoenas withdrawn

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Hinkle v. Baker

California school scrambles to settle with CIR

In another victory for CIR, California Polytechnic State University agreed that it was improper to punish a student soley on the grounds that other students found his speech to be contraversial. The school agreed to clear Steve’s student record, let him post fliers in

Status: Status: Victory. University settled on terms favorable to student.

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Jacobs v. Indiana School District No. 625

Issues: Civil Rights; Equal Protection.

Action: Challenged minority set-aside in public elementary magnet school.

Outcome: Victory. Case settled prior to trial. School board prohibited from using race in pupil assignments.

Status: Victory

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Jeffrey Barke et. al v. Eric Banks et al.

CIR is representing seven California elected officials in an effort stop the enforcement of Section 3550, a California law that prohibits public employers from criticizing public employee unions.

Status: Pending

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Mason Cathedral v. City of Boston

Represented Mason Cathedral Church of God in Christ in a lawsuit claiming that the City of Boston violated the church’s First Amendment rights when it removed city-paid counselors from the church’s summer day camp program because of voluntary prayer.

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