Burgess v. Cahall

Successfully defended a company official against charges of sexual harassment. Challenging 1994 Violence Against Women Act as unconstitutional.

Status: Victory. After CIR's victory in U.S. v. Morrision, complaint dismissed on July 18, 2000.

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Community Financial Serv. Assoc. of America v. FDIC

CIR is representing William Isaac in amicus filing challenging Obama Operation Choke Point

Status: Pending

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Davi v. Roberts

CIR is representing Salvatore Davi, a New York civil servant who was punished by the state government for expressing his political views through his private Facebook account. Since 2010, Davi has served as a Hearing Officer and an Administrative Law Judge in New York State’s Office of Temporary and Disability

Status: Complaint Filed

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Davis v. Guam

CIR challenges Guam plebiscite

Plaintiff Arnold “Dave” Davis C

IR is representing Guam resident Arnold Davis in a class action lawsuit challenging a race-exclusive plebiscite on the question of whether Guam should seek independence from the United States, statehood, or some other relationship.

Although a territory of the United States and subject to the Constitution’s

Status: Pending

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Doe v. Department of Health and Human Services

Successfully challenged the unconstitutional exclusion of “Michelle Doe,” a sixteen year old high school girl, from a “minorities-only” summer study program solely because of her race.  The program was funded in part by the National Institute of Health and Texas A&M University.

The case settled prior to trial for damages and

Status: Victory

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DynaLantic Corp. v. Department of Defense

C CIR successfully represented a small Long Island company whose ability to compete (and even stay in business) was hobbled by the federal government's extensive use of race preferences in awarding government contracts.

Status: Settled on terms favorable to CIR's client

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Hendrickson v. U.S.; Hart v. U.S.

CIR victorious in show-down with IRS

After a year-long fight with the IRS over the right of private citizens to publish a book critical of the government, CIR has successfully halted another effort by a government regulatory agency to suppress protected speech. The Department of

Status: Victory: All IRS subpoenas withdrawn

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Hinkle v. Baker

California school scrambles to settle with CIR

In another victory for CIR, California Polytechnic State University agreed that it was improper to punish a student soley on the grounds that other students found his speech to be contraversial. The school agreed to clear Steve’s student record, let him post fliers in

Status: Status: Victory. University settled on terms favorable to student.

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Jacobs v. Indiana School District No. 625

Issues: Civil Rights; Equal Protection.

Action: Challenged minority set-aside in public elementary magnet school.

Outcome: Victory. Case settled prior to trial. School board prohibited from using race in pupil assignments.

Status: Victory

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Mason Cathedral v. City of Boston

Represented Mason Cathedral Church of God in Christ in a lawsuit claiming that the City of Boston violated the church’s First Amendment rights when it removed city-paid counselors from the church’s summer day camp program because of voluntary prayer.

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