Lamprecht v. Federal Communications Commission

Following unsuccessful petition for review challenging FCC regulations requiring the auctioning of contested radio licenses, in case where FCC had already been found to have engaged in unconstitutional gender discrimination, case remanded to FCC for further proceedings.


Status: Victory before D.C. Circuit, case settled on remand.

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Maitland v. University of Minnesota

Challenged 1989 consent decree whereby the University of Minnesota agreed to distribute $3 million to female faculty members to remedy alleged gender disparities in salary.

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Status: Settled. University of Minnesota agreed to abolish female-only pay raises and distribute salary equitably.

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Miami University Wrestling Club v. Miami University of Ohio

Challenged elimination of men's athletic teams to achieve parity in participation and spending on men's and women's teams.

Status: Loss. U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit affirmed district court ruling granting defendants' motion for summary judgement.

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Mueller v. Auker, et al.

CIR's case on behalf of Eric and Corissa Mueller attempted to strengthen constitutional protections against the arbitrary authority of child protection personnel to seize custody of a minor child over a dispute between the parents and medical personnel in cases when the child is not in imminent danger.

Status: Loss by jury verdict at conclusion of trial.

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Nix v. Holder

Constitutional challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1964 on behalf of group of Kinston, NC citizens.

Status: Loss.

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Operation King’s Dream v. Ward Connerly

The Center for Individual Rights represented the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) against a last-minute effort by opponents to keep it off the November 2006 ballot by challenging its legality under the federal Voting Rights Act.

Status: Victory

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Rothe v. U.S. Dept. of Defense and U.S. Small Business Administration

Status: Pending

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Smith v. University of Washington

CIR's 2002 lawsuit challenging racial preferences at the University of Washington on behalf of several law school applicants including Katuria Smith. Smith grew up in poverty, with an alcoholic father and step-father, and struggled through high school. In spite of this, she was able to pull her life together and

Status: Loss

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Tompkins v. Alabama State University

Challenged court mandated “whites only” scholarship at traditionally black university.

Status: Partial Victory. District court judge modified scholarship to include applicants of any race.

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U.S. v. Szoka

CIR defended the owner of low power, non-commercial radio station in “cease and desist” prosecution brought against him by Federal Communications Commission and represented him in constitutional challenge to FCC’s refusal to issue licenses to low-wattage “micro-broadcasters.”

Status: Loss. District court injunction granting "cease and desist" order affirmed by 6th Circuit. Supreme Court denied owner's petition to review D.C. Cir. ruling denying review of FCC procedures.

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