Religious free speech

June 30, 1995

Some colleges may choose to stop funding all activities

By Philip Walzer and Esther Diskin, June 30, 1995

The University of Virginia misinterpreted the First Amendment and violated students’ right to free speech when it denied funding to a Christian magazine, the Supreme Court decided Thursday in a 5-4 vote.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy,

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Case may redraw church-state lines

February 27, 1995

By Dennis Cauchon

USA Today, February 27, 1995

Ronald Rosenberger wanted the University of Virginia to pay $ 5,900 to print his monthly Christian student magazine, called Wide Awake.

“I had dreams of starting a national network of Christian student magazines,” says the non-denominational evangelical. “I wanted to train young Christians how to

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Maryland again denies aid to college

December 14, 1994

Officials cite Columbia Union’s ties to Seventh-day Adventist Church

By Jon Jeter

The Washington Post, December 14, 1994

Maryland education officials have turned down a request from a Takoma Park college for state aid, contending that the school’s close ties to the Seventh-day Adventist Church make it ineligible for government funding.

The decision this

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U-Va. case may become a landmark

November 25, 1994

State official backs religious magazine seeking school funds

By Donald P. Baker

The Washington Post, November 25, 1994

It was a short-lived effort by three University of Virginia students to put out a magazine with an evangelical Christian viewpoint, a publication that died after four issues.

But now, nearly four years after the university

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New checks on campus sexual-harassment cops

October 19, 1994

Rule of law

By Jeremy Rabkin

The Wall Street Journal, October 19, 1994

By 1693, when the hysteria finally subsided in Salem village, 19 people had been hanged on witchcraft charges. A dozen years later, the young girl who had triggered the witch hunt made a public confession: Her tales of satanic spells,

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Is affirmative action doomed?

October 17, 1994

The New Republic. On September 7 Deval Patrick, the assistant attorney general for civil rights, filed a brief in a New Jersey case...

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Professor ousted for lecture gets job back

September 17, 1994

By William H. Honan

The New York Times, September 17, 1994

A Federal judge found yesterday that the University of New Hampshire acted wrongly when it suspended a professor for sexual harassment after seven female students complained about comments he had made during a writing class.

The judge, Shane Devine of Federal District

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Free speech advocates find a fight in Berkeley

July 22, 1994

HUD investigating 3 residents for bias against mentally ill in remarks, letters protesting projects

By Susan Ferriss

The San Francisco Examiner, July 22, 1994

Berkeley, the cradle of the Free Speech Movement, is rocking again, ’90s style.

Free-speech advocates are outraged that federal officials are investigating three Berkeley residents for alleged discriminatory behavior, based

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