Violence against coherence

May 19, 2000

By Ann Coulter, May 19, 2000

What can one say about The New York Times? Congress passes a law in 1994 giving women a federal cause of action for violent crimes and claims it is simply exercising its authority under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution because — I’m not making

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High Court rejects U.S. law allowing civil suits in rapes

May 16, 2000

Ruling: Justices decide, 5 to 4, that Congress overstepped its authority in allowing victims to sue. Action appears to doom other federal hate-crime statutes.

By David G. Savage

The Los Angeles Times, May 16, 2000

The Supreme Court, rejecting the notion of national laws against “hate crimes,” struck down a federal measure Monday

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Justices reject lawsuits for rape

May 16, 2000

Court again limits Congress’s power

By Joan Biskupic

The Washington Post, May 16, 2000

A sharply divided Supreme Court struck down part of a law crafted to help survivors of rape and domestic violence, ruling 5-4 yesterday that Congress overstepped its power when it gave women a right to sue their attackers.

The decision

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Opponents of federalism are mired in a time warp

May 16, 2000

By Charles Fried

The Wall Street Journal, May 16, 2000

The Constitution grants Congress the power to “regulate commerce among the several states.” But that doesn’t mean Congress can give women who are the victims of “gender motivated violence” a federal cause of action against their assailants. For that reason, the Supreme

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Women lose right to sue attackers in federal court

May 16, 2000

By Linda Greenhouse

The New York Times, May 16, 2000

WASHINGTON, May 15 — Declaring that “the Constitution requires a distinction between what is truly national and what is truly local,” the Supreme Court today invalidated a six-year-old provision of federal law that permitted victims of rape, domestic violence and other crimes

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Quotas and NY’s kids

April 19, 2000

By the editors

The New York Post, April 19, 2000

Unless a Brooklyn Federal Court judge rules otherwise, City Hall and the Board of Education are pushing ahead with a singularly shameful surrender to reverse discrimination – at the insistence of the Clinton administration.

To be honest, the city may have little choice

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Feminists ignore ‘Brzonkala’ facts

February 07, 2000

By Curt A. Levey

The National Law Journal, February 7, 2000

As Al Sharpton’s rallies supporting Tawana Brawley and her later-discredited hate crime allegations proved a dozen years ago, the innocence of the accused is easily shoved aside when an alleged victim becomes the symbol for a civil rights crusade. Tony Morrison

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Court limits federal power in vote issues

January 25, 2000

Bossier Parish case studied

By Bill Walsh

The Times-Picayune, January 25, 2000

The U.S. Supreme Court used an 8-year-old Bossier Parish case Monday to block the Justice Department from erasing local voting district lines, even those devised with a discriminatory purpose, unless they actually cause ethnic minorities to lose representation.

In a 5-4 decision

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Limits to diversity

November 30, 1999

City Journal. In mid-March the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit attempted to nudge American race-relations law a bit closer to color-blindness...

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Law’s new icon: Cheryl Hopwood

November 30, 1999

Texas Monthly profile of Cheryl Hopwood...

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