Past Cases

Case Status: Victory. Shortly after filing suit, county officials agreed to settle the case on terms favorable to the Raykins.

Raykin v. Arapahoe County Department of Human Services

April 22nd 2010

CIR sued the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services and several employees when they seized Joshua Raykin and kept him from his family for over a week based on unsubstantiated abuse claims...

Case Status: Loss by jury verdict at conclusion of trial.

Mueller v. Auker, et al.

August 23rd 2004

CIR's case on behalf of Eric and Corissa Mueller attempted to strengthen constitutional protections against the arbitrary authority of child protection personnel to seize custody of a minor child over a dispute between the parents and medical personnel in cases when the child is not in imminent danger...

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Amicus Briefs

Case Status: Victory. The Court held that the trial court’s termination of the father’s rights was clear error.

Department of Human Services re Zoey and Lyric Mays v. Phillips

July 27th 2011

CIR filed an amicus brief before the Michigan Supreme Court on behalf of Wali Phillips, a Michigan father whose parental rights were terminated without any finding that he was an unfit parent...

Case Status: Vacated and remanded. The case was moot because the child was nearly 18 and had moved, and the appropriate disposition was to vacate the part of the court of appeals' opinion that addressed the Fourth Amendment issue.

Camreta v. Greene

January 26th 2011

CIR filed an amicus brief supporting the mother of a child who was seized at school without parental consent in a suit against a social worker and county sheriff...