Victory in New York exam schools case

December 10, 2008

U.S. District Court Judge Dora L. Irizarry approved a stipulated settlement agreement that brings to a successful conclusion CIR’s suit challenging the use of a quota against Asians in New York City’s Specialized High School Institute. Pursuant to the settlement, the New York City Department of Education agreed to eliminate the

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Nebraska votes to end racial preferences

November 04, 2008

Voters in Nebraska voted by a wide margin to end preferential treatment based on skin color or gender in public education, contracting and employment. Initiative 424 passed 58% to 42%. A similar measure in Colorado narrowly failed to pass, garnering 49% support.

The Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative is patterned after the

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CIR files appeals in landmark NYC employment case

October 20, 2008

CIR filed appeals in United States v. New York City Board of Education and several related cases. The cases have been called “notorious” by Sen. Kennedy. The trial judge termed them a “veritable tour de force of every aspect of affirmative action law in the employment arena….a legal juggernaut [for which]…many of

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Free speech case against housing officials proceeds

September 29, 2008

U.S. District Court Judge Stephen G. Larson denied the defendant’s motion to dismiss CIR’s claim for injunctive relief against California housing officials who used a lengthy housing discrimination investigation to silence CIR client Julie Waltz in her efforts to protest the placement of former sex offenders in adult living facilities

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CIR fights for fair child protection

September 15, 2008

CIR General Counsel Michael Rosman travelled to Idaho to urge a panel of Ninth Circuit judges to hold state officials liable in their personal capacities for the arbitrary seizure of minor children from perfectly competent parents.

CIR is representing Idaho residents Eric and Corissa Mueller who had their five-week-old daughter removed

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By no means

April 07, 2008

The National Association of Scholars website has posted an article authored by CIR president Terence Pell about recent CIR efforts to force three Michigan universities to disclose data showing the harmful effects of racial preference on the academic performance of minority students. Preliminary data (summarized in declarations made by expert witness Richard

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CIR sues to end abusive housing discrimination investigations

April 01, 2008

CIR filed suit against officials of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing charging that they willfully violated the First Amendment rights of California citizen Julie Waltz. Despite clear evidence that Waltz had done nothing more than post signs in her yard critical of state housing policies regarding the

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Judge ends Mark Twain decree

February 22, 2008

In a hearing to consider CIR’s suit to rid Mark Twain Intermediate school of illegal racial quotas in admissions, U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein terminated the 1974 desegregation order that New York officials believed mandated the use of racial quotas at the prestigious magnet school. School officials must now purge

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NYC files in support of CIR effort to end school quotas

February 12, 2008

The New York City Department of Education today joined CIR in asking Federal District Court Judge Jack Weinstein to terminate the 1974 desegregation decree that imposes racial quotas on admissions to Mark Twain Intermediate School. CIR challenged the quotas in a lawsuit filed January 14, 2008.

In its motion, the Department

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Co-counsel Cooper to urge end to Prop. 2 litigation

February 06, 2008

CIR co-counsel Charles J. Cooper urged U.S. Federal District Court Judge David Lawson to reject all pending legal challenges to Prop. 2 as a matter of law. Together with CIR, Cooper is representing Eric Russell, a Michigan resident who moved to intervene in the case in December 2006.

Russell contends that

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