D.C. Appeals Court Mulls Line between Lawyer and ‘Public Figure’

January 29, 2014

Legal Times January 29, 2014 Zoe Tillman

Judges in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals grappled today with the question of when a lawyer involved in high-profile litigation crosses the line to becoming a “public figure” herself.

Washington lawyer Susan Burke of Katz, Marshall & Banks sued anonymous Wikipedia editors she believed were responsible for

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End Michigan’s racial bias lawlessness

January 07, 2007

By Terence J. Pell

Detroit News, January 7, 2007

On Nov. 7, Michigan overwhelmingly voted to amend the Michigan Constitution to forbid its public institutions from considering “race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin” in state programs, including admissions to the three major state universities.

Though the amendment clearly states that Michigan colleges

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In the Name of Integration

December 02, 2006

By Michael E. Rosman

Washington Post, December 2, 2006

Ruth Marcus’s Nov. 29 op-ed column, “A Slide Toward Segregation,” is bereft of facts related to the two cases to be argued before the Supreme Court concerning racial preferences in school assignments.

In the Louisville case, when Joshua McDonald was assigned to a school

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Michigan sends a message on racial preferences to U.S. Supreme Court

November 16, 2006

By Terence J. Pell

Detroit News, November 16, 2006

Voters in Michigan have voted to ban all racial preferences in state programs, including admissions to elite University of Michigan. In a single stroke, the citizens of Michigan repudiated the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2003 decision approving of the limited use of racial preferences

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By Any Means Necessary

August 31, 2006

Cross Country

By Terence J. Pell

Wall Street Journal, August 31, 2006

Detroit — A decision Tuesday by a federal judge in Detroit could set the stage for a sweeping expansion of the Voting Rights Act, which would turn the federal courts into a national campaign police.

At issue is a last-ditch effort by

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CIR letter to U.S. Secretary of Education

March 08, 2006

Opposition to ABA race preference policies

By Terence J. Pell

President, Center for Individual Rights, March 8, 2006

Ms. Robin Greathouse Accreditation and State Liaison United States Department of Education Room 7105, MS 8509 1990 K Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20006

Sent via E-mail to: Robin.Greathouse@ed.gov

Re: Renewal of Recognition of the ABA Council of the Section on Legal Education

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Bill on UW admission has an uphill battle

March 16, 2005

By Kyle Arnold

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 16, 2005

When voters approved Initiative 200 and prohibited state agencies from using affirmative action, minority applicants to the University of Washington declined as did diversity at the state’s flagship campus.

UW officials say I-200 hurt the school’s – and the state’s – image with minorities, making

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Conservative Crusader Enlists in Affirmative-Action Fight

January 19, 2003

By Shira Kantor

Chicago Tribune, January 19, 2003

They’ve sued a school district for banning T-shirts with the word “redneck.” They’ve challenged a college’s ban on storing “offensive, racist or sexist” information on school computers. They’re backing a professor who argues that a university’s pay raise for women discriminated against male professors.


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Thoughts on Bakke and Its Effect on Race-Conscious Decision-Making

December 20, 2002

By Michael E. Rosman

The University of Chicago Legal Forum, December 20, 2002

This article focuses on race-conscious decisionmaking (“RCDM”) in admissions processes in higher education. n1 RCDM has become increasingly controversial in recent years, so much so that the citizens of our most populous state outlawed it. n2 This article explores

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Center Ring

December 09, 2002

The Center for Individual Rights, after years of pushing a mix of conservativecauses, is poised to leave a lasting imprint on the debate over race.

By Jonathan Groner

Legal Times, December 9, 2002

They forced an end to the University of Texas law school’s use of racial preferences in admissions. They got the

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