Gratz v. Bollinger; Grutter v. Bollinger

General information page about CIR's two lawsuits challenging racial preferences at the University of Michigan

Status: Partial Win: The Supreme Court struck down the UM undergraduate admissions system but upheld the law school system.

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Hampton v. National Research Group

Filed amicus brief contesting court-ordered $1 million damage award as unlawful restriction of constitutionally protected speech.

Status: Settled by stipulation filed July 6, 1999.

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Hendrickson v. U.S.; Hart v. U.S.

CIR victorious in show-down with IRS

After a year-long fight with the IRS over the right of private citizens to publish a book critical of the government, CIR has successfully halted another effort by a government regulatory agency to suppress protected speech. The Department of

Status: Victory: All IRS subpoenas withdrawn

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Hinkle v. Baker

California school scrambles to settle with CIR

In another victory for CIR, California Polytechnic State University agreed that it was improper to punish a student soley on the grounds that other students found his speech to be contraversial. The school agreed to clear Steve’s student record, let him post fliers in

Status: Status: Victory. University settled on terms favorable to student.

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Hopwood v. Texas

CIR’s Historic Fifth Circuit Victory

In 1996, CIR won a historic victory in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals case Hopwood v. Texas. The Fifth Circuit ruling barred all use of racial preferences in university admissions in the states under that court’s jurisdiction. Since the Supreme Court declined to hear the case, our

Status: Victory, later modified in Grutter v. Bollinger

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Jacobs v. Indiana School District No. 625

Issues: Civil Rights; Equal Protection.

Action: Challenged minority set-aside in public elementary magnet school.

Outcome: Victory. Case settled prior to trial. School board prohibited from using race in pupil assignments.

Status: Victory

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Jeffrey Barke et. al v. Eric Banks et al.

CIR is representing seven California elected officials in an effort stop the enforcement of Section 3550, a California law that prohibits public employers from criticizing public employee unions.

Status: Pending

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Katz v. Chevaldina

CIR is representing a blogger, Irina Chevaldina, who is being sued for copyright infringement for using a headshot photo in one of her posts. She won in the district court and CIR is endeavoring to defend the decision in her favor before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Status: Victory

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King v. Burwell; Halbig v. Burwell

CIR is representing several members of Congress in an amicus effort designed to support two challenges to the Obama Administration's decision to set aside a provision of the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") that limits federal heath care subsidies to individuals in states that have created healthcare exchanges.

Status: Pending.

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Lamprecht v. Federal Communications Commission

Following unsuccessful petition for review challenging FCC regulations requiring the auctioning of contested radio licenses, in case where FCC had already been found to have engaged in unconstitutional gender discrimination, case remanded to FCC for further proceedings.


Status: Victory before D.C. Circuit, case settled on remand.

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