Lead Counsel Michael Carvin

Lead Counsel Michael Carvin


ichael Carvin, has agreed to serve as lead counsel of the case. Mr. Carvin is a partner at Jones Day, an international law firm. Carvin was a founding board member of CIR and CIR has worked closely with him on several important cases over the last twenty years, including two major victories: the successful 1997 legal defense of California’s Prop. 209  (Coalition v. Wilson), and Reno v. Bossier Parish, a Supreme Court victory in 2000 that limited the Justice Department’s ability to create majority-minority voting districts.

Carvin has a long list of Supreme Court victories in addition to the cases he has litigated with CIR.  He has won victories invalidating Sarbanes-Oxley’s accounting board; preventing the Justice Department from obtaining monetary relief against the tobacco industry under RICO; and overturning the federal government’s plan to statistically adjust the census.

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