Project Vote v. MonCrief

CIR defends ACORN whistleblower

CIR is representing Anita MonCrief, a former employee of

Anita MonCrief

Project Vote, a subsidiary of ACORN. After she left Project Vote in 2008, Ms. MonCrief became a vocal critic of both organizations. In 2009, Project Vote filed suit to silence Ms. MonCrief alleging numerous violations of law including

Status: Victory. Case settled on favorable terms

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Seeberger v. Davenport Civil Rights Commission et al.

Seeberger rented rooms in a single family house that she owned.  In 2013, she rented a room to Michelle Schreurs and her then fifteen-year-old daughter for $300 per month.  In the fall of 2014, Seeberger noticed a bottle of pre-natal vitamins on the kitchen counter.  At that point, Schreurs and

Status: Petition for Certiorari denied October 7, 2019

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Silva v. University of New Hampshire

CIR’s 1994 victory against the University of New Hampshire was the first successful case against university speech codes and an affirmation of First Amendment rights in the classroom.

University speech codes that punished those who expressed politically incorrect sentiments were first challenged by CIR in our case against UNH. Until 1994,

Status: Victory

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Sypniewski v. Warren Hills R.S.D.

CIR prevails in case challenging suspension of high school senior for wearing Jeff Foxworthy shirt, so-called zero tolerance policies at stake.

Thomas Sypniewski, a high-achieving senior at a Washington, N.J., public high school, prevailed in his several year fight for his First Amendment rights after being suspended in 2001 for wearing

Status: Victory. Plaintiff's motion to dismiss remaining claims was granted.

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U.S. v. Szoka

CIR defended the owner of low power, non-commercial radio station in “cease and desist” prosecution brought against him by Federal Communications Commission and represented him in constitutional challenge to FCC’s refusal to issue licenses to low-wattage “micro-broadcasters.”

Status: Loss. District court injunction granting "cease and desist" order affirmed by 6th Circuit. Supreme Court denied owner's petition to review D.C. Cir. ruling denying review of FCC procedures.

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U.S. v. Westchester County

Status: Loss. Court refused to consider brief.

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Vera v. O’Keefe

Speech on a Matter of Public Concern

ACORN was at the center of several controversies throughout the 2008 election season (See McCain ad: ACORN workers were convicted of voter registration fraud in four states, and investigations were conducted by five additional states and the FBI.

Despite being the center of such

Status: Successfully closed. The Maryland case was dismissed, the Pennsylvania case was settled, O'Keefe entered into a plea agreement in the New Orleans case, and the California case was settled.

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Waltz v. Brumfield

CIR sues housing discrimination officials

On April 1, 2008, the Center for Individual Rights filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California against several officials of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) on behalf of California resident Julie Waltz.

The suit alleges that state

Status: Victory. Case settled on favorable terms.

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White v. Lee

HUD officials barred from silencing housing opposition

In recent years, CIR has been on the forefront of legal efforts to protect this fundamental right against meddling bureaucrats and zealous ideologues who have resorted to anti-discrimination laws to stifle speech they deem threatening to their interests.

One of the most shocking examples of

Status: Victory. U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit affirmed district court order granting summary judgment.

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Willand v. Alexander

Prof. wins fight over politically correct speech restrictions

Courtesy of Old Army Press

With CIR’s help, a Minnesota professor fought in federal court to protect his rights to free speech and academic freedom. After putting a poster of General George Custer on his office door and otherwise deviating from a politically correct view of American

Status: Settled on favorable terms -- Defendants agreed to a judgement in Prof. Willand's favor.

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