Affordable Housing Development Corp. v. Fresno

CIR won an important free speech victory in 2006 in its defense of California resident Travis Compton. Compton had been accused of federal housing discrimination by a low-income housing developer angry over Compton’s public comments critical of the developer’s plans to seek tax exempt bond funding for his project. The

Status: Victory. Defendant Compton's motion for Summary Judgment granted on August 31, 2000.

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Boys Town v. SCSD

CIR victory helps DC community activists fight effort to silence them. One of the bedrock principles of democratic self-rule is that citizens have a constitutional right to speak out about matters of public concern -- particularly to their elected representatives and governmental bodies...

Status: Victory

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Burke v. Doe

CIR is representing an anonymous Wikipedia editor in a precedent-seeting case designed to establish the First Amendment right of anonymous internet authors to remain anonymous.

Status: Victory

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Davi v. Roberts

CIR is representing Salvatore Davi, a New York civil servant who was punished by the state government for expressing his political views through his private Facebook account. Since 2010, Davi has served as a Hearing Officer and an Administrative Law Judge in New York State’s Office of Temporary and Disability

Status: Complaint Filed

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Deming v. University of Oklahoma

Prof. disciplined for letter to the editor

On February 18, 2000, Professor David Deming picked up The University of Oklahoma’s daily newspaper. That day’s edition showcased a syndicated article by gun control advocate Joni Kletter, written in a matter that immediately chafed with Deming. Current gun laws, wrote Kletter, allowed “criminals,

Status: Settled in Prof. Deming's favor

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Desmond v. Harris et. al.

Defending free speech right of California artist to display a historically themed painting that incidentally includes a depiction of a Confederate Flag in county art show.

Status: Victory

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Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association et al.

CIR is representing ten California teachers and the Christian Educators Association International in a landmark effort to re-establish the right of individual teachers and other public employees to decide for themselves whether to join and support a union.

Status: Tied by an equally divided Supreme Court.

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Gee v. Humphries

Challenged state college’s suspension and termination of Gerald Gee, a white professor who was said to have “harassed” students at historically black Florida A&M University. Prof. Gee told the students to make their own opportunities and avoid “what some would call a ‘nigger mentality’—the sort of thinking that can keep

Status: Loss

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Hendrickson v. U.S.; Hart v. U.S.

CIR victorious in show-down with IRS

After a year-long fight with the IRS over the right of private citizens to publish a book critical of the government, CIR has successfully halted another effort by a government regulatory agency to suppress protected speech. The Department of

Status: Victory: All IRS subpoenas withdrawn

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Hinkle v. Baker

California school scrambles to settle with CIR

In another victory for CIR, California Polytechnic State University agreed that it was improper to punish a student soley on the grounds that other students found his speech to be contraversial. The school agreed to clear Steve’s student record, let him post fliers in

Status: Status: Victory. University settled on terms favorable to student.

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