Davis v. Guam

CIR is representing Guam resident Arnold Davis in a class action lawsuit challenging a race-exclusive plebiscite on the question of whether Guam should seek independence from the United States, statehood, or some other relationship.

Status: Victory before Ninth Circuit; Guam's petition for certiorari before Supreme Court denied.

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New York Progress and Protection PAC v. Walsh

CIR represented the New York Progress and Protection PAC ("NYP3"), an independent campaign committee formed to run television, radio, and print advertisements on behalf of conservative political candidates in New York State. NYP3 was blocked from participating in New York City's 2013 mayoral election because of New York's campaign

Status: Victory. Summary Judgment granted by US District Court.

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Nix v. Holder

Constitutional challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1964 on behalf of group of Kinston, NC citizens.

Status: Loss.

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Reno v. Bossier Parish School District

Supreme Court Ends Racial Gerrymandering by Department of Justice

In 1993, the Bossier Parish school board submitted a race-neutral plan to redraw voting districts as required by the 1990 census. This plan was identical to one earlier approved by the Department of Justice.

However, the NAACP proposed an alternative plan which

Status: Victory

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