Son of CCRI

April 01, 1997

Disadvantaged single mother with 94th percentile wrong skin color for UW law school

Washington Times, April 1, 1997

She was born to a 17-year-old mother-turned-single parent, one of four siblings her mother raised alone. She did janitorial work, construction — anything, she told the Seattle Times, to pay the bills. And while she worked full

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Diversity rhetoric can’t hide UW’s discriminatory policy

March 11, 1997

By Michelle Malkin

The Seattle Times, March 11, 1997

“(A)PPLICANTS are . . . admitted taking into account factors believed to enhance the richness of the student body and the educational environment. These factors, according to our published admissions policy statement, include but are not limited to racial origin’ . . .


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University of Washington sued for discrimination

March 06, 1997

Law School accused of using illegal racial preferences in admissions

Washington, D.C. – Katuria Smith, assisted by the Washington, D.C. based Center for Individual Rights (CIR), filed a lawsuit late yesterday claiming that the University of Washington School of Law (UWSL) discriminated against her on the basis of her race (white)

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Whites need not apply

March 06, 1997

Review and Outlook: The Wall Street Journal, March 6, 1997 In his State of the Union, President Clinton proclaimed, "Building one America is our most important mission"...

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Texas A&M and federal agencies sued for running segregated summer program

February 24, 1997

Washington, D.C.- The Center for Individual Rights (CIR) sued Texas A&M and the National Institutes for Health (NIH) this week for operated a segregated summer science program. CIR filed its lawsuit on behalf of “Michelle Doe,” a sixteen year-old white high school student who was denied access to a science

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Prop. 209: A graceful exit for the courts

February 14, 1997

California: The referendum process accomplishes what pork barrel politics won’t.

By Michael S. Greve

The Los Angeles Times, February 14, 1997

Civil rights groups are rejoicing over a federal district court’s injunction against the enforcement of the “California civil rights initiative.” Chances are, though, that the higher courts will set aside the injunction

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Judge Henderson’s injunction

January 17, 1997

Letter to the editor


The Morgan Hill Times, January 17, 1997

Regarding the Times’ comment in the Dec. 31 (1996) editorial that it is “highly doubtful” that the present Supreme Court will follow the precedent of the Seattle case, the basis of Judge Thelton Henderson’s temporary injunction against Proposition 209. That is

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Book Review

December 20, 1996

By Michael E. Rosman

Constitutional Commentary, December 20, 1996

In Fighting Words: Individuals, Communities, and Liberties Of Speech, Kent Greenawalt surveys a number of different free speech issues all of which revolve around a common question: What happens when a person’s expression, through words or deeds, significantly disturbs another person or persons?

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Panel rejects college’s bid for state subsidy

December 12, 1996


The Baltimore Sun, December 12, 1996

The Maryland Higher Education Commission turned down a bid yesterday by Columbia Union College to receive a state subsidy given to other private Maryland campuses under a 25-year-old program.

The administrative appeal was filed at the behest of a federal judge who is hearing the college’s

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California repudiates racial, ethnic, & sex preferences

December 01, 1996


NAS Update, December 1, 1996

The California Civil Rights Initiative, also known as Proposition 209, was approved by 54 percent of California voters on November 5th. Proposition 209, which amends the state constitution, says simply that “The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group

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