Katuria Smith goes to court

July 08, 1998

By Nat Hentoff

The Village Voice, July 8, 1998

Recently, I was asked to speak at the University of Washington Law School in Seattle. The formal session was set for the afternoon. There was also an informal conversation at lunch with the dean and a considerable number of faculty.

The dean, Roland Hjorth

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Columbia College v. Clarke Fact Sheet

May 13, 1998

Supreme Court denies review of school funding decision

The U.S. Supreme Court announced on June 14 that it will not accept for review Columbia Union College’s appeal of a lower court order requiring an investigation into its religious practices as a condition of receiving state higher education assistance. Justice Clarence Thomas

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Law school needs reminder about law

May 11, 1998

By Nat Hentoff

Rocky Mountain News, May 11, 1998

Katuria Smith’s mother was a 17-year-old high-school dropout when Katuria was born. Divorced 11 years later, her mother raised four children by herself. The family was poor, and when Katuria graduated from high school, she worked at whatever jobs she could find –

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Conservatives and the courts: Judicial activism on the right?

May 01, 1998

By Terence Pell

Philanthropy, May 1, 1998

In recent years, conservatives increasingly have resorted to the courts in an effort to roll back objectionable features of the welfare state. Backed by conservative foundations and donors, a handful of public interest law firms have mounted high-profile legal suits against affirmative action, against state

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Columbia Union

May 01, 1998

County’s only four-year college an enclave from modern world

By Alex Daniels

The Montgomery Business Gazette, May 1, 1998

We’d like to become more entrepreneurial. We are aware and very determined to exploit the fact that we are in a high-technology center.” – Charles Scriven, President, Columbia Union College

Driving by Takoma Park’s Columbia

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D.C. Public Interest Law Firm Puts Affirmative Action on Trial

February 20, 1998

By David Segal

Washington Post, February 20, 1998

Michael Greve stages lawsuits as if they were theatrical productions, so when he began a legal assault on affirmative action, little was left to chance.

With his partners at Washington’s Center for Individual Rights, Greve searched hard for a test case that would land in

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On a roll(back)

February 01, 1998

After its big win in the Hopwood case, setting aside affirmative action at the University of Texas law school, the Center for Individual Rights is on a mission-to do more of the same at other public universities.

By Terry Carter

The ABA Journal, February 1, 1998

Little more than a year ago, the

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Mischief makers: the men behind all those anti-affirmative action lawsuits

December 25, 1997

By Idris M. Diaz

Black Issues in Higher Education, December 25, 1997

When a group of Republican state lawmakers last summer mounted a public campaign to find potential plaintiffs for a class-action lawsuit against the University of Michigan’s affirmative action admissions policies, Jennifer Gratz responded immediately. Gratz, a policeman’s daughter and former

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Double reverse

December 23, 1997

Scholarship program for whites becomes a test of preferences

By June Kronholz

The Wall Street Journal, December 23, 1997

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A few years ago, a federal judge concluded that Alabama’s state universities still were largely segregated and ordered them to do more to bring diversity to their campuses.

That’s how it happens

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Final exam for campus affirmative action?

December 05, 1997

White applicant’s test of Michigan admissions could set national policy

By Rene Sanchez

The Washington Post, December 5, 1997

Jennifer Gratz applied to the University of Michigan two years ago hoping that her strong record as an honors student, a high school leader and a community volunteer would be all she needed to

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