White janitors may intervene in civil rights case, 2nd Circuit rules

August 06, 2001

By Michael A. Riccardi

New York Law Journal, August 6, 2001

Three white male custodians in New York City’s schools have standing to challenge an agreement in which the city’s Board of Education has promised to confer greater seniority on female and minority workers, a panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court

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Professor sues to end PC speech restrictions

July 26, 2001

Constitutionality of Minnesota’s computer policy also at stake

Washington, D.C. – A Minneapolis-area history professor muzzled by college administrators filed suit in federal court today to protect his First Amendment rights, after finding himself in the middle of the battle raging on college campuses between political correctness and free speech. North

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Affirmative action fails again

July 13, 2001

By Charles Krauthammer

Washington Post, July 13, 2001

In a 1996 referendum, California voters outlawed racial preferences. Or did they? At the University of California, a lovely backdoor has been found for beating the ban.

The maneuver appears wholly innocuous. Who, after all, would complain if UC decided to give the SAT II

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Misperceptions Cloud Whites’ View of Blacks

July 11, 2001

By Richard Morin, Staff Writer

Washington Post, July 11, 2001

Whether out of hostility, indifference or simple lack of knowledge, large numbers of white Americans incorrectly believe that blacks are as well off as whites in terms of their jobs, incomes, schooling and health care, according to a national survey by The

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Federal appeals court okays state aid for Maryland religious college

June 27, 2001

Key victory for government funding of faith-based entities

Washington, D.C. – In a landmark victory for religious liberty and government funding of faith-based entities, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday that “the State of Maryland infringed on Columbia [Union College’s] free speech rights by establishing a broad grant program . .

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Student’s Suit Challenges Suspension: Constitutionality of Zero-tolerence Policies at Stake

June 25, 2001

Newark, N.J. — A Washington, New Jersey high school student suspended for wearing a T-shirt with the word “redneck” on it asked a federal court today to protect his and other students’ First Amendment rights. The T-shirt lists comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s “Top 10 Reasons You Might Be A Redneck Sports

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Diversity on trial

June 11, 2001

By Curt A. Levey

National Review Online, June 11, 2001

The Supreme Court missed an opportunity last week to tackle a key civil-rights issue when it declined to hear a case challenging racial preferences in admissions at the University of Washington Law School. Supporters of preferences breathed a sigh of relief, fearing

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New evidence undermines affirmative action in government contracting

June 11, 2001

CIR’s Adarand brief disputes claims of past discrimination

Washington, D.C. – The law firm at the forefront of the legal challenge to affirmative action in university admissions weighed in today in the battle over affirmative action in government contracting. Using government documents obtained in separate litigation, the Center for Individual Rights

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Reply to the school’s first response

June 04, 2001

June 4, 2001

James W. Broscious, Esq. Broscious, Glynn & Fischer, P.C. 111 West Washington Avenue Washingron, New Jersey 07882

Re: Thomas Sypniewski

Dear Mr. Broscious:

I saw today your e-mail letter to me dated May 31, 2001, but received at my office very late on Friday while I was out of town.

I will, of course, give

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First response to the demand letter

May 31, 2001

May 31, 2001

Gerald Walpin, Esq. 575 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022-2585

RE: Thomas Sypniewski

Dear Mr. Walpin:

Your letter of May 29, 2001 to Peter Merluzzi has been referred to me for review and response. This matter has been placed on the Board’s Agenda for June 5th, the next Board Meeting, upon the conclusion

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