Mark Janus files Union Dues Petition at Supreme Court

On June 6th, Mark Janus filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to hear his case, Janus v. AFSCME. Janus’ case seeks to end compulsory union dues.  His case is based on the same free speech argument that the Center for Individual Rights successfully brought to the Supreme Court in Friedrichs v. CTA and is seeking to bring again to the Court in Yohn v CTA. If the Court grants Janus’ petition, the case could end compulsory union dues and restore individual rights for public employees across the country.

CIR’s former client, Rebecca Friedrichs, told the Washington Free Beacon she is “thrilled that others across the country are continuing the work that we began and I’m relieved that cases are already reaching the court.”

If Janus wins his suit, public employees will no longer be compelled to pay union dues as a condition of employment. Still left to be decided, however, will be the crucial question of whether public-sector unions can require employees to annually opt out of paying dues towards the unions’ expressly political expenditures.  Employees in many states are subject to such requirements, and will continue to be subject to those requirements even if Janus wins.  CIR challenged this system in Friedrichs and looks forward to pressing this challenge again in Yohn if necessary following the outcome in Janus.