Supreme Court Reporters Say Friedrichs a Top Case to Watch This Term

With a docket full of many cases that have the potential to change our nation’s history, multiple Supreme Court reporters have singled out CIR’s case of Friedrichs v. CTA as one of the top cases to watch. Even in a year filled with cases regarding religious freedom, privacy, voting rights, and many other important issues, CIR’s defense of public school teachers is making headlines.


In a Washington Post interview, CIR plaintiffs Rebecca Friedrichs and Harlan Elrich explain the origins of their suit to defend teacher’s rights, and why they became teachers in the first place.

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The Economist writes that “Of the roughly three dozen cases they have agreed to hear in their new term,” the Friedrichs case is one of a handful that “could shake America’s political landscape.”

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LA TimesDavid Savage of the Los Angeles Times also ranks Friedrichs as one of the “five most politically charged” cases before the Supreme Court this term.

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CNN Politics also predicts Friedrichs is one of four “notable cases to watch.”

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At The Wall Street Journal, Paul Peterson, a professor of Government at Harvard, and Martin West, explain that CIR’s plaintiffs have strong support from public opinion.

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