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Settlement in NYC School Race Case

CIR’s long-running battle on behalf of school building superintendents in New York City drew to a close on April 2 2014, when U.S. District Court Judge Frederic Block gave final approval to a class-action settlement providing monetary compensation to a class of superintendents headed by CIR clients, to which he had previously given preliminary approval on December 12, 2013. The seniority rights of these superintendents had been reduced when New York City, to end a lawsuit against it by the federal Justice Department, agreed to give “retroactive seniority” to a group of women and minority superintendents because of their sex and race.

Previously in the case, CIR set important precedent when the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that before giving benefits because of sex or race, employers had to have a strong basis in evidence that each beneficiary likely had been a victim of discrimination.  Rather than produce such evidence here, both the City and the Justice Department settled with CIR’s class.

Photo: “United States Courthouse – Eastern District of New York 2” by ajay_suresh licensed under CC BY 2.0.