CIR Appeals to Defend Family Medical Rights

September 24, 2012 − by CIR − in Blog, Case Updates − Comments Off on CIR Appeals to Defend Family Medical Rights

CIR filed a petition for rehearing by the full Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Mueller v. Auker, CIR’s case defending the right of parents to make important medical decisions on behalf of their minor children.   CIR is seeking to reverse a ruling by a three-judge panel denying a new trial. CIR is representing Corissa and Eric Mueller, whose five-week-old daughter Taige was seized by police in a Boise, Idaho, emergency room and given a forced spinal tap in 2002. Among other errors, CIR is challenging the three-judge panel’s holding that medical experts can offer opinions based merely on instinct or intuition.

  • Read CIR’s Petition for Rehearing En Banc
  • Read the panel opinion

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