Supreme Court declines to address school interrogation issue

May 26, 2011

Today the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision in Camreta v. Greene, in which an Oregon policeman and a state child protection worker interrogated a nine-year-old girl in her public school for over an hour, not stopping until she was willing to say (untruthfully, according to her) that her father had acted inappropriately toward

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Trial judge denies anti-recording law motion

May 23, 2011

Today U.S. District Judge M. James Lorenz denied both James O’Keefe’s and Hannah Giles’s motions to dismiss former ACORN employee Juan Carlos Vera’s suit against them at the pleadings stage.  The lawsuit by Vera, who is featured in a video by O’Keefe filmed in San Diego’s ACORN office, is based solely on the alleged violation

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Obamacare threatened by CIR precedent

May 11, 2011

CIR filed a brief today in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the State of Florida’s challenge to the constitutionality of the Obamacare legislation.  Judge Roger Vinson of the Northern District of Florida had struck down the legislation as unconstitutional, on the ground that Congress had no authority under the Commerce Clause to

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CIR argues voting rights challenge before the DC Circuit

May 06, 2011

Today a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard oral argument in CIR’s appeal from a lower court’s dismissal of our lawsuit challenging the Voting Rights Act’s Section 5, which requires states to maximize the voting strength of some racial groups but not others. 

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Second Circuit victory in employment discrimination case

May 05, 2011

CIR’s long-running battle on behalf of New York City school building superintendents discriminated against by an agreement entered into by the City and the federal government reached a milestone today, but by no means its final one.  The Second Circuit Court of Appeals issued a 139-page ruling that settles one large point

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