Jury finds no liability in Mueller case

June 30, 2010

CIR’s six-year fight to vindicate the constitutional rights of the Mueller family suffered a setback on June 30. After deliberating for five days, an Idaho jury found that neither the City of Boise nor an emergency room doctor violated the Muellers’ constitutional rights when, at the doctor’s behest, a Boise, Idaho,

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CIR carries Peekaboo point

June 28, 2010

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB, nicknamed “Peekaboo”) was unconstitutional as originally conceived.  Before so ruling (and as a necessary step to doing so), the Court agreed with CIR that Peekaboo was not protected from judicial review, but could be sued by accounting firms affected

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Parents’ rights case moves to trial

June 10, 2010

CIR clients Eric and Corissa Mueller’s fight to protect the right of parents to make medical decisions on behalf of their minor children took a major step forward in early June when their case went to trial in federal District Court in Boise Idaho. Since the case was filed six years

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