Case dismissed

Today a federal judge, pursuant to a stipulation by the parties, ordered the claims in Project Vote’s suit against CIR client Anita MonCrief dismissed in their entirety. The dismissal is “with prejudice,” meaning Project Vote may not revive the action.

MonCrief, a former employee of Project Vote, had become a vocal critic of it and ACORN, appearing on television and in state court proceedings, among other places, to recount what she regards as corruption in these organizations. Project Vote then sued her, demanding $5 million in damages and alleging she committed trademark infringement and other torts in connection with her blogging and emailing about the intertwined groups.

CIR and MonCrief fired back, countersuing Project Vote and ACORN for abuse of process. Before discovery had gone very far, however, Project Vote agreed to drop its suit completely.  The purpose of MonCrief’s counterclaim having been served, she in turn has agreed to drop it.