NYC schools files motion in support of CIR effort

Asks court to end racial quotas at Mark Twain school

The New York City Department of Education today joined CIR in asking Federal District Court Judge Jack Weinstein to terminate the 1974 desegregation decree that imposes racial quotas on admissions to Mark Twain Intermediate School. CIR challenged the quotas in a lawsuit filed January 14, 2008.

In its motion, the Department asked the court to immediately order the end of race based admissions requirements to District 21 gifted and talented programs for the 2008-2009 school year, including those at Mark Twain.

CIR President Terence Pell commented, “It’s remarkable that the Raus had to file a lawsuit to prod the Department to take the action it took today. For years, Mark Twain has been illegally favoring white students in service of a thirty year-old desegregation decree that was supposed to protect minority interests.”

Pell added, “The bizarre quota at Mark Twain shows the carelessness with which school officials routinely classify students by race. Hopefully, Judge Weinstein will grant the relief sought by CIR and now, by the New York City Department of Education.”