Bill on UW admission has an uphill battle

March 16, 2005

By Kyle Arnold

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 16, 2005

When voters approved Initiative 200 and prohibited state agencies from using affirmative action, minority applicants to the University of Washington declined as did diversity at the state’s flagship campus.

UW officials say I-200 hurt the school’s – and the state’s – image with minorities, making

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CNN NewsNight Aaron Brown

March 15, 2005

By CNN News, March 15, 2005

A. BROWN: Still to come tonight, is the question of spanking kids in school so radioactive that simply asking the question can get you in trouble?

A break first. From New York, this is NEWSNIGHT.


A. BROWN: Scott McConnell has been studying for his masters in teaching

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Favor the rod, get the ax

March 10, 2005

College expels student who supported corporal punishment

By Patrick D. Healy

The New York Times, March 10, 2005

SYRACUSE, As a substitute teacher in the public schools here, Scott McConnell says students are often annoyed that he does not let them goof off in class. Yet he was not prepared for the sixth

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