Thoughts on Bakke and Its Effect on Race-Conscious Decision-Making

December 20, 2002

By Michael E. Rosman

The University of Chicago Legal Forum, December 20, 2002

This article focuses on race-conscious decisionmaking (“RCDM”) in admissions processes in higher education. n1 RCDM has become increasingly controversial in recent years, so much so that the citizens of our most populous state outlawed it. n2 This article explores

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Do African-Americans Really Want Racial Preferences?

December 20, 2002

By Stuart Taylor

National Journal, December 20, 2002

Now that Trent Lott has suppressed his nostalgia for American apartheid, vowed support for affirmative action “across the board,” and thus fed the notion that racial preferences are what African-Americans want and need, let’s look at some countervailing evidence: In public opinion polls that

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Center Ring

December 09, 2002

The Center for Individual Rights, after years of pushing a mix of conservativecauses, is poised to leave a lasting imprint on the debate over race.

By Jonathan Groner

Legal Times, December 9, 2002

They forced an end to the University of Texas law school’s use of racial preferences in admissions. They got the

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