Boys Town sues over permits for D.C. project

August 15, 2001

By David A. Fahrenthold

Washington Post, August 15, 2001

Girls and Boys Town, the Nebraska-based children’s charity, filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against the District government, a D.C. Council member and two Capitol Hill neighborhood activists, accusing them of conspiring to hold up building permits on a proposed facility on Pennsylvania Avenue

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Excerpts from letter of reprimand to Willand

August 09, 2001

“You will, in both letter and spirit, take immediate steps to improve your classroom instruction so as to not give rise to offense in others.” “You will not make comments, nor will you use phraseology, which does not manifest a clear concern for student sensibilities and which may promote student misunderstandings

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Q & A about the Sypniewskis’ lawsuit

August 08, 2001

(answers can be attributed to Gerald Walpin, a partner at KMZ Rosenman in New York)

Q: What is this lawsuit about?

A: Tom Sypniewski, Jr., a senior at Warren Hills Regional High School in Washington, NJ until his recent graduation, is suing high school officials and the Warren Hills school board for violation of

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Federal court allows NYC custodians to challenge discriminatory consent decree

August 06, 2001

Washington, D.C. – In a case with important implications for consent decrees involving racial and gender preferences, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday that New York City school custodians be allowed to challenge preferential employment and hiring policies for female and minority custodians. The custodians will argue that the

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White janitors may intervene in civil rights case, 2nd Circuit rules

August 06, 2001

By Michael A. Riccardi

New York Law Journal, August 6, 2001

Three white male custodians in New York City’s schools have standing to challenge an agreement in which the city’s Board of Education has promised to confer greater seniority on female and minority workers, a panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court

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