First response to the demand letter

May 31, 2001

May 31, 2001

Gerald Walpin, Esq. 575 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022-2585

RE: Thomas Sypniewski

Dear Mr. Walpin:

Your letter of May 29, 2001 to Peter Merluzzi has been referred to me for review and response. This matter has been placed on the Board’s Agenda for June 5th, the next Board Meeting, upon the conclusion

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Affirmative Action Again Facing a Court Test

May 21, 2001

By Charles Lane,

Washington Post, May 21, 2001

Another in a series of occasional articles On the issue of affirmative action in higher education, the conservative lawyers at the Center for Individual Rights are purists: Racial preferences, they say, are unfair, unconstitutional and should be abolished.

Over the last eight years, as the

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Key test today for government funding of faith-based entities

May 07, 2001

Federal court considers inclusion of Maryland religious college in state aid

Washington, D.C. – The constitutionality of government funding of religious entities was at issue today as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit heard argument on whether a Takoma Park, Maryland college can participate in a state aid

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For charitable choice

May 07, 2001

Federal money can co-exist with religious speech without violating the First Amendment

By Michael McDonald

National Review Online, May 7, 2001

The Left denounces it as a Republican pay-off to the Religious Right. The Right denounces it as a Trojan-horse attempt to regulate church-sponsored aid programs. In the middle stands President Bush, the

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