Federalism revolution center stage in Supreme Court today

October 31, 2000

Washington, D.C. – The federalism revolution was again the focus of the Supreme Court today, as the Justices considered the constitutionality of an expansive interpretation of the Clean Water Act. The disputed interpretation purports to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to regulate even “intrastate and isolated waters” that could

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Negative about affirmative action?

October 29, 2000

By Ed Bradley

60 Minutes (CBS News), October 29, 2000

ED BRADLEY, co-host: When it comes to affirmative action, Al Gore supports it unequivocally; George Bush isn’t so sure. But by the time one of them gets to the White House, the matter could be academic. A case that could decide the

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U. of Oklahoma agrees to re-examine sexual harassment policy

October 26, 2000

University admits First Amendment protects professor’s letter to the editor

Washington, D.C. – Facing the threat of a lawsuit, the University of Oklahoma agreed this week to re-examine and, where appropriate, revise its sexual harassment policy to prevent violations of the First Amendment. The agreement is part of a settlement with

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Blurring the lines between law, anarchy

October 23, 2000

By Bob Wiemer

Newsday, October 23, 2000

Paul Tonna is the Suffolk legislature’s presiding officer and one of the organizers of mid-October’s candlelight rally during which the “good” people of the county protested alleged manifestations of bigotry and hate by an amorphous and largely imagined phalanx of “bad” people. Tonna never stereotypes

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Reverse discrimination challenged in federal court

October 23, 2000

New York City custodians ask court to reject racial and gender preferences

Washington, D.C. – In a case with far-reaching implications for the future of racial and gender preferences, a federal appeals court today scrutinized New York City’s adoption of preferential employment and hiring policies for female and minority school custodians.

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