Federal court orders pirate radio station off the air

February 29, 2000

Microbroadcaster’s First Amendment battle moves to U.S. Court of Appeals

Washington, D.C. – Pirate station Grid Radio 96.9 FM in Cleveland is down but hardly out following a federal district court judge’s order that it cease broadcasting. The low-power station, which broadcasts music and public service programming to Cleveland’s gay community,

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Feminists ignore ‘Brzonkala’ facts

February 07, 2000

By Curt A. Levey

The National Law Journal, February 7, 2000

As Al Sharpton’s rallies supporting Tawana Brawley and her later-discredited hate crime allegations proved a dozen years ago, the innocence of the accused is easily shoved aside when an alleged victim becomes the symbol for a civil rights crusade. Tony Morrison

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