Keep the faith

August 27, 1999

Review & outlook (editorial)


By the editors

The Wall Street Journal, August 27, 1999

Al Gore is for it. George W. Bush has made it a campaign centerpiece. We’re talking about government backing for faith-based programs. But if houses of worship are to succeed where 10,000 public welfare offices have failed, the civil-rights

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Not bigoted enough

August 23, 1999

By Terence J. Pell

The Washington Post, August 23, 1999

The recent decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court striking down the Boy Scouts’ ouster of homosexual Scout leader James Dale was widely interpreted as a blow against anti-gay bigotry. But that has it backward.

By the perverse logic of this decision, the

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Punished for praying in Boston

August 19, 1999

By Jeff Jacoby

The Boston Globe, August 19, 1999

The City of Boston is shocked — shocked! — to find praying going on at the Keys of Life Bible School. And not only praying, but Bible reading. And as if those weren’t bad enough, there are religious emblems in plain view —

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Questions and answers concerning Title IX suit against Miami University of Ohio

August 14, 1999

Q: What is this suit about?

A: This suit, brought by Miami University students in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, claims that Miami violated both the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution and the federal civil rights statute Title IX when it eliminated its men’s wrestling, soccer, and

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