What is affirmative action?

May 31, 1999

A policy’s damage.

By Jack Lessenberry

Detroit Metro Times, March 31, 1999

“Well, I guess your social life is down the drain, since the only person you seem to like just got convicted of murder,” one of my more affectionate readers hissed. Though I smiled bravely, truth is, Halloween this year just won’t

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Race to the bottom

May 17, 1999

By David Tell

The Weekly Standard, May 17, 1999

“La inclusion es el simbolo de nuestra fuerza,” says Republican National Committee co-chairman Patricia S. Harrison. “Inclusion”-decoded from the original Spinnish-is the hallmark buzzword of a GOP eager to evade its share of responsibility for the fact that American law continues to stink

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New York’s highest court to hear Maas sexual harassment case (5-23-99)

May 12, 1999

Was famous Cornell professor a harasser or the victim of a witch hunt?

Washington, D.C.- The New York Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, agreed today to hear an appeal from Cornell University psychology professor James Maas, the nationally known researcher and filmmaker accused of sexual harassment by former students.

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