If Billy teases Suzy, can Suzy sue?

January 12, 1999


By Curt A. Levey

The Wall Street Journal, January 12, 1999

Sexual harassment law may be coming to elementary school. Today the Supreme Court hears arguments in Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education, a case that will decide whether schools can be held liable under Title IX of the 1972 Education

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Conservative Legal Eagles Fight for Individual Rights

January 11, 1999

By Stephen Goode

Insight Magazine, January 11, 1999

We believed there was a real need for a small, conservative, no-nonsense¬†litigation group that would engage in actual, direct constitutional litigation,” attorney Michael P. McDonald tells Insight about the Center for Individual Rights, or CIR, the feisty Washington-based association he cofounded with Michael S.

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A court restrains HUD’s thought police

January 08, 1999

By Heather MacDonald

The Wall Street Journal, January 8, 1999

The federal antidiscrimination juggernaut stumbled recently, tripped up by an impediment called the First Amendment. In 1994, the Department of Housing and Urban Development investigated three Berkeley, Calif., residents who had protested planned homeless housing in their neighborhood. HUD demanded that the

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