Guilty by admission: Elite colleges violate the law

September 14, 1998

Using racial preferences to achieve a particular racial mix of students has been illegal for at least the last twenty years. Yet many schools persist in treating applicants differently by race in order to achieve racial diversity.

The lingering presence of unlawful racial preferences makes applying to college or professional school

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Law school sets narrow definition for diversity

September 06, 1998

By Robyn Blumner

St. Petersburg Times, September 6, 1998

The dean of the University of Washington Law School in Seattle, Roland Hjorth, doesn’t want to own up to his school’s apartheid admissions standards in court or in public. But the truth is as plain as the numbers.

A class-action lawsuit filed by Katuria

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Numbers bind

September 03, 1998

Review & Outlook

By the editors

The Wall Street Journal, September 3, 1998

You’d think that any law school would welcome a student with a Horatio Alger story like Katuria Smith’s. The young Seattle woman was born poor, raised by a single parent and after high school worked in janitorial and construction jobs.

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