The vanity of diversity

July 20, 1998

By Michael S. Greve

The Weekly Standard, July 20, 1998

Robert Berdahl is profoundly unhappy about the demise of racial preferences for admissions to the University of California. The lower enrollment of black students, Berdahl complains, “diminishes us. The royal us is Berkeley, the prestigious University of California campus over which Berdahl

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When the ACLU supports discrimination

July 15, 1998

Diversity cannot continue by crude racial categories

By Nat Hentoff

The Village Voice, July 15, 1998

Katuria Smith’s mother, who had been divorced, raised her four children by herself. The family was poor, and when Katuria was graduated from high school, she worked at whatever jobs she could find–in construction, as a janitor,

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Katuria Smith goes to court

July 08, 1998

By Nat Hentoff

The Village Voice, July 8, 1998

Recently, I was asked to speak at the University of Washington Law School in Seattle. The formal session was set for the afternoon. There was also an informal conversation at lunch with the dean and a considerable number of faculty.

The dean, Roland Hjorth

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