Book Review

December 20, 1996

By Michael E. Rosman

Constitutional Commentary, December 20, 1996

In Fighting Words: Individuals, Communities, and Liberties Of Speech, Kent Greenawalt surveys a number of different free speech issues all of which revolve around a common question: What happens when a person’s expression, through words or deeds, significantly disturbs another person or persons?

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Panel rejects college’s bid for state subsidy

December 12, 1996


The Baltimore Sun, December 12, 1996

The Maryland Higher Education Commission turned down a bid yesterday by Columbia Union College to receive a state subsidy given to other private Maryland campuses under a 25-year-old program.

The administrative appeal was filed at the behest of a federal judge who is hearing the college’s

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California repudiates racial, ethnic, & sex preferences

December 01, 1996


NAS Update, December 1, 1996

The California Civil Rights Initiative, also known as Proposition 209, was approved by 54 percent of California voters on November 5th. Proposition 209, which amends the state constitution, says simply that “The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group

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