Philosophy and Mission Statement of the

Sachem Quality of Life Organization

Farmingville, Long Island, New York


This is a Nation of law.  Our issue is a legal issue not a racial one.  This is an issue of citizenship not bias.

Our focus is to be able to enjoy the quality of life we have worked for and expect to enjoy on the streets, in the parks, school grounds, etc. of our community.

Government, by their action and/or inaction, has allowed the quality of life in our Brookhaven communities to disintegrate by allowing "open air" hiring halls on our streets and overcrowded slum housing to propagate in our communities.

We hold all levels of government responsible for exercising their jurisdiction in providing for the common good and general welfare of citizens of our community.

As the Constitution of the United States provides, we believe that citizens have the right to be concerned about quality of life issues without being accused of bigotry and inhumanity.

We believe that labeling citizens who petition their government for remedy to violations of the law as bigots is a violation of those citizens' constitutional rights and that those citizens have the right to exercise protection of those rights.

We believe that conforming to the law places all citizens on equal ground.   Any tolerance of unlawful activity is a violation of law.  Those who knowingly encourage violation of the law should be held criminally responsible.

We believe that supporting the underground economy by creating a centralized hiring spot is condoning illegal activity.  It adds to the degradation of our quality of life.  This should not be supported by any agency enjoying the privileges of not for profit status in the United States.

We believe that poverty, ignorance of the law, or economic need is not justification for breaking the law.

We believe all United States citizens have the rights, privileges, and obligations of autonomy from foreign countries and uninvited, citizens of other countries. Further, we believe it is the government's responsibility to protect the rights, privileges, and obligations of citizens.

We believe that the rights, privileges and obligations of citizens should be limited to citizens and resident aliens.

We believe championing the rights of foreign national citizens over the legitimate rights of United States citizens and legal residents is a violation of the rights of citizens and un-American.

We will exercise our rights to remedy for these issues by all legal means available to us.